05 12 / 2015

Why Augmented Reality Matters Today and What it Means for Tomorrow

Augmented reality has the challenge of being one of those technologies that so many of us learned about through science fiction, that we have a hard time believing the “reality” part. Many consumers think of augmented and virtual reality and picture a futuristic video game involving a cumbersome headset. While many of the current most impressive progressions of the technology have come from Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens and involve gaming and headsets, we shouldn’t expect the technology to stop there.

The journey from obscurity to standard is so common among emerging technologies that the adoption model developed for it in the 1950s still holds true today. Think about the the perception of the internet among consumers in the 1980s. While some tech visionaries saw the internet’s power to connect people, ideas and systems, likely few considered that within a couple of decades the average American would be walking around with the answer to almost any question imaginable available at the tip of their fingers in a matter of seconds. The internet has changed the way we do business, purchase goods, interact with one another and countless other aspects of our daily lives. It’s also spurred the development of entire industries, such as mobile apps, that were unimaginable before.

The real impressive potential of augmented reality will not be in the first generation of products, like the headsets we see today, but in the ways it enables the advancement of existing technologies and provides a platform for the creation of new ones. Augmented reality will enable businesses to do more virtually. The internet brought file sharing, video conference and countless other time and resource saving technologies. Augmented reality brings a new level of visualization of places and products, empowering businesses to get better estimates and make better decisions. SpaceView uses current hardware systems like tablets to provide a seamless visualization of existing spaces and things combined with possible configurations.

Augmented reality has the power to help us see new possibilities in our existing world, to make the imagined into the manifest. Learn more about how SpaceView is leveraging the power of augmented reality today and planning for tomorrow. Learn more about SpaceView by requesting a demo.