23 3 / 2016

How AR can Drive Retail Sales

Digital signage is increasingly becoming the standard in high traffic, public and retail spaces. While the initial cost investment is higher than traditional printed signage, over time the cost to update and modify drops significantly. For many brands, digital signage can increase sales by as much as 33%.  Traditional, non-digital signage often requires professional design and layout skills to update, while digital formats enable small changes, such as pricing or availability of certain products, to be done easily. Digital displays also enable multimedia content to be deployed with ease, while print remains static. Making the switch from traditional to digital signage requires a buyer to evaluate a number of factors before buying.

One of the challenges for many prospective buyers is how a display will affect the appearance of their existing space. They will address questions about how large of a display will work for them. Do they have room for multiple displays or will that overwhelm the room? For a small purchase, often measuring on the actual way and having a basic schematic will do the trick. For large jobs more professional rendering services might be sought out. SpaceView is a solution to the challenge of being able to see how a new item will look in your existing environment. Our customers are leveraging our app to provide better information for their prospects and to close deals sooner. If you’re looking to equip your sales team with the tools they need to improve their sales process and reduce cycle time, request a demo at the top of the page.

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