10 7 / 2016

Designing the Future of Place - Upcoming Event


Workplace environments have changed immensely in recent decades as the nature of work itself has evolved, as well as the technology that helps to enable it. The way space is planned, acquired and utilized has also changed along the way. As organizations consider decisions that will impact their workplace environments, technology is at the center. How do you keep your employees engaged and enable productivity? How can we use technology to make us more focused at work? How do we ensure accurate and efficient space planning? These are the types of questions that will be debated and discussed at the Innovation Workshop | Designing for the Experience taking place July 14-16, at the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon. The interactive conference will start a dialog that will continue beyond the event itself.

On Thursday, July 14, SpaceView CEO and co-founder Miloš Jovanović, will be participating in a panel alongside Ragnar Lifthrasi, CEO of Blockchain Real Estate Association, and Arnold Levin, Principal at Smith Group to discuss trends in technology and digital disruption that we’re seeing now, and what’s coming up next. Disruption will be examined through multiple lenses including technology and digital, consumer expectations, organizational dynamics and the acquisitions of work spaces. Miloš will be speaking to the current and potential applications for augmented, virtual and mixed realities in workplace environment strategy and planning.


The event, hosted by Workplace Evolutionaries and Corporate Real Estate Council Communities of the International Facility Management Association will take place at the Tiger Woods Conference center on the Nike Campus. Learn more and register >>