02 6 / 2016

Core Technology Solutions selects SpaceView to Bring Augmented Reality to Customer Engagements


Today we’re proud to announce a partnership with Core Technology Solutions (CTS) to make SpaceView available to their 9,000 associates in the United States and Canada. CTS is leading the charge to change the way outsourced integration providers operate by adopting cutting edge technologies to optimize the customer experience and empower their associates. We’re excited to help the team achieve their bigger business goals. The large scale deployments CTS carries out require communication and collaboration of a large number of complex details.

SpaceView will assist CTS in providing better information to associates during the sales process as well as during the installation stage. The result will be an enhanced customer experience that harnesses the augmented reality technology of the SpaceView app and bridges the gaps between managed and self-service offerings. In working with CTS VP of Technology Tom Roberto, we’ve gotten to see first hand how they are working to continually evolve the way they use new and emerging technologies to improve their offerings and customer experiences. “The integration business is changing and software like SpaceView is going to be a major part of its evolution,” said Tom.

CTS Associates will use the SpaceView app to provide a better picture and estimate free of design fees. This will help customers and associates alike proceed with confidence, knowing that they’ve eliminated so many of the “lost in translation” issues that can occur in these types of engagements. CTS plans to make SpaceView available to all new and existing customers. We look forward to our continued work together.

Read the press release here.