15 5 / 2016

3 Things to Consider When Installing Digital Signage

The upcoming summer season has many Americans preparing to go on vacation, according to AAA, roughly one-third. With traveling comes waiting in airports and staying in hotels, which Jeff Hastings of BrightSign points out is a great opportunity for digital signage. Businesses can turn passive space into a channel for promotions, information and entertainment. There are many things to consider before installing digital signage, here are a few to think about:

Think About the Big Picture

Digital signage looks great, but it does require an investment. Consider your bigger business goals and how digital signage might fit into part of a holistic solution. Think about what activities you’re already doing that could be amplified by installing digital signage.

Consider Content

Filling up those screens takes work. Establish a team that can help you develop ideas (and possibly the content itself). Develop an editorial plan to determine what will go live when, and plan on making small changes and iterations as you learn about what your viewers are interested in and how to engage them.

Assess the Impact on the Space

Installing digital signage can help you boost sales and customer engagement, but it will also have an impact on your physical space. Make sure you consider how foot traffic will flow around a new sign installation. It can be difficult to envision how your space will be impacted until you’ve actually installed it.

With more people traveling this summer, there are certain to be an increasing number of opportunities to make an impression. With all of the things to consider when making a signage purchase decision, often times assessing your space is one of the most challenging aspects of the process. We’ve teamed with display provider Planar Systems to help their sales team tackle this problem for their customers with our custom app, learn about it here.