27 12 / 2015

Augmented Reality for Better Business Decisions

When it comes to making business decisions, past conventional wisdom pointed us toward logical and rational thought to lead to the best outcomes. As what we know about the brain and decision-making has evolved, neuroscientists have found that emotional input is critical to being effectively decisive. This confirms what many people have known to be true anecdotally, that sometimes even when all the critical factors have been considered, you somehow still don’t end up with an optimal outcome. Anyone who has worked on an office revamp or redesign of retail space can likely understand this issue. You can measure everything perfectly, have it represented in a blueprint, but the final result differs greatly from how you had envisioned it.

When it comes to projects related to use of space, often the options for evaluating alternatives are cost-prohibitive renderings or low-tech illustrations that provide limited information. High-quality renderings are also impractical due to the amount of time they can take to modify. Time-intensive rendering processes make it difficult to adjust images on the fly or consider a variety of options efficiently, not to mention the fact that they require a highly specialized skill set. But modern technology and platforms hold promise of a future with better visualization options that are open to more businesses.

Smart phones and tablets have become essential decision-making tools, revolutionizing the way that we can collect, track and use information. Having a high quality camera at the ready at any time makes it easy to photograph and document exact appearances. The SpaceView app utilizes these prevalent, existing hardware technologies together with augmented reality, in order to present true-to-life visualizations of plans and potential. Sales teams use SpaceView to provide more exact renderings of potential purchases in order to close deals faster, and with higher rates of customer satisfaction. Design teams use SpaceView to explore options and get feedback from clients. Retail clients can go beyond the planogram with a 3-d visual rendering. Learn more about how SpaceView can help your organization by requesting a demo.