27 11 / 2015

Visualization Technology: The Next Big Sales Tool

Some sales are easier to close than others. Many products can be demonstrated for the prospective buyer easily and many of the buyer’s questions can be easily resolved with photos, descriptions and dimensions. A shirt can be tried on, a phone can be tested out, an oven can be inspected, but what about the items that aren’t so easy to visualize? A stay in a hotel room, the new color you may paint your living room, how that LCD screen will transform your office’s conference room are all difficult to imagine until you actually see them. That’s why some major brands, including Marriott are beginning to implement augmented and virtual reality technologies as sales tools.

Marriott has introduced virtual reality to their marketing mix as part of an effort to evolve their brand image and to help sell a fairly complex product: travel. By creating an immersive virtual experience using Oculus Rift, Marriott is able to help would-be customers envision themselves somewhere else and showcase the locations of their properties. According to Marriott, this effort has not only generated buzz, but virtual trips actually increase demand for real travel.

By creating a truly realistic experience, AR and VR hold huge potential for brands that have difficulty showing their customers what they are buying. Visualization technology can help promote buyer confidence and grow average sale price through upselling. Learn how SpaceView enables sales teams to help customers visualize and make a decision. Request a demo to learn how to shorten the sales cycle.

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