19 11 / 2015

Reinventing Retail


While online shopping options have exploded in recent years, brick and mortar purchases still account for the vast majority of expenditures - 93% worldwide. Many retailers have struggled to be good at both the online and in-person experiences and their approaches vary. Apple stores have been designed to look like a gallery of technology and products, but be interactive, with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Even as their stores were packed, Apple has questioned how to increase the share of overall phone sales from 20% in stores. A recent report found that 41% of respondents believed an in-person shopping experience was going to be a disappointment when compared to any online one. One of the primary reasons cited was the web’s ability to recommend other products, which was not recreated in the store. Many brands are seeking ways to reinvigorate the retail experience.

Starbucks, long known for piloting new food and beverage offerings in its stores is exploring a new concept with their Reserve Bar in London. The Reserve store experience is based on a more luxurious setting, exclusive beverage offerings and amenities for the connected customer - ultra-fast internet and plenty of wireless charging points. As brands like Starbucks explore new concepts and store designs, augmented reality can be a powerful tool in assisting that process. AR enables brands to try out different options for displays and floor layouts without committing up front. It can also be a valuable way to maintain consistency across different store locations. SpaceView gives brands a way to quickly capture a room and experiment with the placement of different objects using augmented reality. We give retailers a way to better see the impact of decisions and work with teams, whether collocated or across the globe.