05 11 / 2015

Augmented Reality and the Future of the Customer Experience


As e-commerce grew exponentially in recent decades, we heard over and over again about the death of the brick and mortar store. In 2015, it’s clear that those reports were greatly exaggerated. While some retailers have struggled to maintain the dominance they once held, others, like Amazon have branched into it for the first time. And while online shopping has grown dramatically, 93% of global purchases still take place in brick and mortar locations. The discussion around retail has now frequently focused on what retailers can do to ensure that customers have a robust and consistent brand experience in-store.

Franchised businesses often face some of the biggest hurdles when it comes to accomplishing these brand experiences. McDonalds, which recently posted its first positive earnings in seven quarters, is a brand that has struggled to maintain the consistency that made it such a paramount success in the first place. The company is experimenting with ways to make the brand experience more engaging, for one by reinventing the ordering experience. Augmented reality offers huge potential for corporations wanting to better influence the design and appearance of their franchise locations.

Using images of the existing space, augmented reality provides a way for decision makers to evaluate options and gauge what’s feasible. SpaceView helps organizations determine what’s possible with an existing space and enables faster, more informed decisions. Learn more about how SpaceView helps brands using the power of augmented reality by requesting a demo.